Two new songs ready to be recorded


YAF finished 3 new songs to be shown in the tracksection soon after a proper mixdown and some mastering.


YAF hooked up with the very talented Jesper from Norway


The very talented Andrew Sweeny wrote a fantastic poem which i`ve recorded.


Erik de Jong (Spinvis) musician extraordinaire gave permission to cover one of his songs. Find it in the track section


The lovely Polina Hryn will play YAF music in her radio show "the artful undress" and painted me official in-house musician



at gmail


Working on the mixout of a few older songs to make them sound better.


You'reallfree wants to make even more dreamy and more poetic songs in 2015 and will seek help from even more talented people.

The aim is to keep loving what i`m doing and letting that love radiate so bright that it just has to affect some souls. My idea is to connect to some souls while at the same time making bright danceble music. Having a videoclip out is perhaps the next step and a few commercial releases would be fun to. Stay tuned.

As i`m doing this next to my fulltime job and family life i`m hoping on earning some money from making money so i can free up some time to make ... more music.


A few years ago i called a friend on Wednesday morning. He was busy. He's a schoolteacher and he was trying to teach the kids how to read and write. "There is not a lot of time for that on Wednesdays." (In the Netherlands all kids have their Wednesday afternoons off.) That's okay, i told him, but there is just one thing i would like you to do. Please tell the kids they are free this afternoon. "But they already are." I know. Just tell em that. He did. Everyone in the classroom started celebrating and cheering. A perfect metaphor for life.


A dream is not a lie

Ever dawning

No I Dont Remember

Artful Undress


Arc of covenant (poem by Andrew Sweeny)

Serenade (poem by Polina Hryn)



Why we DREAM

Ronnie (translated from a dutch spinvis song)

What (question found on youtube)

Balloons (dancetune about hot air balloons)